Systems biology and proteomics

David J. States Research Group

The States Group develops multidisciplinary computational applications for biomedicine. We have focused on high throughput experimental technologies and ways to enhance knowledge acquisition using novel algorithms and strategies for data acquistion. Early work invovled the development of pure absorption phase methods for multi-dimensional NMR spectroscopy, enhanced lane tracking and basecalling algorithms for genome sequencing and more recently improved algorithms for the analysis of proteomics and mass spectrometry.

Dr. Angel Lee is a collaborator with research interests in macrophage biology, myelopoiesis, signal transduction and molecular cell biology.

The States Group is also engaged in molecular biology data integration. Projects have included physical map assembly, genome annotation, the analysis of gene expression profiles, databases for molecular interactions and automated natural language processing.

Current projects in the group include:

Proteomics and mass spectrometry

Cellular proteomics technology

Proteomics of the mononuclear phagocytes and tumor associated macrophages

Alternative splicing in cancer

Molecular biology data integration

Molecular interactions mapping and data integration

Systems biology of mononuclear phagocytes and the macrophage

Information retrieval and natural language processing